Monday, 22 December 2014

Internet Connection Sharing

Hi everybody,

Hereafter I will explain to you how to share Internet connection under ubuntu 12.04, I think it should be the same for other ubuntu releases and of course other Linux distros.
Why I need this connection sharing? In fact few months ago I was at a work mission to configure a specific service on a non connected desktop PC on customer site, and for this configuration I need to install some packages from Internet, but as I said this pc wasn't connected and it was a desktop pc so no way to connect it via wifi to my 3g hotspot (using smartphone). The good new is that I had at that time my laptop with me, so I use my smartphone as a wifi hotspot, and I connect my laptop on it via wifi then I connect the customer pc to my laptop using RJ45 cable. The configuration needed to share connection with the pc was the following:
  • Open Network Manager, go to Wired tab and create a new network, in my example  I called it "sharedToOthers", go to the "IPv4 Settings" tab and configure the method as "Shared to other computers" as shown in the following screenshot:

  • Configure your customer pc (the desktop pc in my case) to connect using DHCP method.
  • Then connect the customer  pc via RJ45 cable into your laptop, be sure that on the laptop side you are connected to the wired connection called "sharedToOthers", if it is another connection change it to "sharedToOthers".
  • Finally connect your laptop to internet using the wifi connection.
At this level you can enjoy Internet on your desktop pc using shared 3g internet connection via your laptop as intermediary :)

PS: This was my first blog about a technical tip I find during my work within my startup TAC-TIC I hope you enjoy it :D it is the first blog but not the last one, wait for coming ones ;)

Have a good start of week :)

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