Friday, 26 December 2014

Double connection: Wifi/Wired

Hello everybody,

You are welcome in the second article of the articles series related to tips raised within my work on my startup TAC-TIC.

In this article we will see how to connect at the same time on both wifi network and wired network, the wifi connection will be used for Internet traffic and the wired connection will be used for local addresses (Intranet).
I need this configuration when I was obliged to connect via RJ45 to a local equipment (management of a router or other equipment) or even to a LAN (so with private addresses), and at the same time I need Internet connection (for example to share the screen via teamviewer or anther tool).
To that let's start preparing the wired connection. I am using ubuntu 12.04 for this blog, and it is similar for other releases and distros.
  • Open the network manager and go to the wired tab.
  • Create a new wired connection, in my case I called it "DHCPJust4Inranet"
  • Go to the IPv4 tab and choose method "Automatic (DHCP)" as described in the following screenshot:

  • Then click on the "Routes..." button (in the right bottom of the window), you will get a new window in which you add as much LANs as you want to connect via this connection, and don't forget to check the option "Use this connection only for resources on its network", hereafter my choices:

  • Finally save this configuration and then connect using RJ45 cable and choose this wired connection "DHCPJust4Inranet".
  • Connect also on wifi connection as you do usually.
  • Now When you try to reach an IP address in the local networks the traffic will go throw the wired connection, and at the same time other traffic (i.e. Internet) will go throw wifi connection.

I hope that you enjoy this tip :) 

If you need any technical service either in terms of Networking or R&D you can visit our web site on TAC-TIC and submit a request, that's all ;)

Have a nice weekend :D


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