Friday, 16 April 2010

Une photo de l'SFD2008


Voilà une photo à moi prise lors de l'SFD Tunisia 2008 (Software Freedom Day) avec l'équipe ubuntu-tn...
...celui qui met la main sur l'écran c'est moi, juste à coté c'est Wajih (aka MaWaLe).


  1. Salam, got your latest photo... thanks.
    I think this blog for Tunisian, isn't it?..

  2. Salem brother meorbu,

    This is my personal blog (not like sabily-guru, it is a blog that I started for Sabily project). It is for all the world, it is not only for Tunisians, just the name "geek tounsi" means " a Tunisian geek" ;)
    That's all, of course here I will express my self in English, French, Arabic, use sms language...

  3. BTW brother meorbu,
    it is not my latest photo, it was a photo from 2008, my latest photos are here:
    they date from last week, I am waiting for the rest of photos to write an article here ;)

  4. Oh.. thanks a lot. Looks very interesting moment there. What conversation was that? I'm very happy if I can joint it... but I think I can't...

  5. It was an event organized by Tunisian ubuntu locoteam ( I am a member of this team and we organize many events ( and this is our BestOf here (
    In the event of these pictures I made two presentations: one presentation for IDE Java under ubuntu (, and the second one about Sabily ;) ( and this one

  6. Hmm... congratulation to you...
    I'm plan to make it for Sabily here in Malaysia soon. I also hope we can meet in the future, Insh'Allah.


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